Need for expertise on coloured asphalt

There is a great demand from the market for expertise on coloured asphalt. The many possibilities of asphalt, differences in quality, the most environmentally friendly and sustainable options, but also the latest developments within this product are often unknown to clients and that’s a missed opportunity!

ColorFalt Solutions is part of Ventraco, specialised in coloured asphalt since 1991. Thanks to our many years of experience in our field, we have all the knowledge and skills. By giving advice on coloured asphalt we bring the quality of this product to a higher level. 

You can contact us for all questions about coloured asphalt in the broadest sense of the word.

Vragen over kleur asfalt

Onze motivatie

The price of coloured asphalt is significantly higher than that of traditional black asphalt. If coloured asphalt is chosen, it is usually used to increase road safety or for aesthetic reasons. In both cases, a good and high quality result is expected.

In practice, we see a large variation in the quality of the road surface. This can have various causes. Think of a wrong choice of raw materials, pavement of the road  during bad weather conditions or not being aware of all the possibilities of coloured asphalt.

How useful if there is a company which has all the knowledge about coloured asphalt ad its disposal and wanting to give advice on it, isn’t it? We share our knowledge because we want to take the quality of coloured asphalt to a higher level. In doing so, we advise landscape architects, contractors, designers and engineering firms in making the right choices in terms of raw materials, recipes and processing methods. Together we ensure an optimal coloured road surface, with a long life span and the lowest possible burden on the environment.


Met onze dienstverlening verwachten wij een verbeterslag te behalen in onder andere:

  • The quality of the road surface
  • Lifespan
  • Co2 emissions
  • Adherence to the correct recipe
  • Improved end result for correct processing (e.g. no rust on the asphalt of the roller)
  • Safe processing (dust-free) for employees
  • Maintenance and repair options


We closely follow developments and opportunities about asphalt and respond to them. Also, we spend a lot of time in our lab on, among other things, product innovation.



Besides sharing our knowledge and expertise, we are specialized in supplying high-quality pigments ColorFalt. We are market leader and have provided more than 50% of the coloured asphalt in the Netherlands with pigments.